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From Matt Parker <>
Subject RE: [PATCH] forward instead of redirect for welcome files
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2003 01:10:40 GMT

> If you want to mirror what Apache HTTPD does:
> No slash present --> append slash (only!) and redirect
> Slash present --> internally forward to welcome-file page

Well, here's the rub:

- The new servlet spec clearly states that either /foo or /foo/ should
return a welcome-file (if specified)

- Apache also has the problem with a relative link on a welcome file
which has a directory specified in it

However, I think that the patch benefits still outweigh its drawbacks:

- it satisfies the new servlet spec

- it circumvents the need for special processing and configuration when
placed behind a proxy server (a farely common production practice).

- it inherits a problem, but the problem is probably rare in practice,
and will already have been avoided by Apache users since it's the same.
i.e. i've never had a burning need to specify a welcome file or
directory index that has a subdirectory in it _and_ has a relative link,
so i can only guess that others either don't or already know to avoid

What do y'all think?

I vote +1 :)

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