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From "Chris Brown" <>
Subject Re: Why unpackWars=true default?
Date Tue, 21 Jan 2003 13:15:15 GMT
> Would it be better to remove unpackWARs from tomcat5 since there isn't
> that much of a concern for backwards compatibilty on major releases?
> -Tim

It should always be at least an option to deploy WAR files without unpacking

Systematically unpacking WARs would cause problems: the unpacked version is
always used in preference to the packed version by Tomcat, so if
unpackWARs="true", then overwriting the original ".war" file has no effect
(because of the preference for using the directory if it exists), making
upgrade deployment of webapps very problematic, leading to lots of support
calls for us ("I replaced the WAR file, but nothing happens!").

It seems like a bad idea in many cases (obviously not all) to allow
modifications within the webapp itself on production deployments (small
sites and development releases of webapps are examples where this wouldn't
always apply).  All custom data in our apps is either stored in the
user.home directory, the preferences API, JNDI, or whatever.  We tend to
consider the ".war" file like an ".exe" or executable JAR file.

- Chris

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