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From "Bradley M. Handy" <>
Subject JNDIRealm feature enhancements
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2003 23:06:02 GMT
After setting up a JNDIRealm for the Manager app, I noticed after a
while the connection times out and returns NULL automatically.  I was
wondering, if instead of returning NULL, JNDIRealm to try to reconnect
and then authenticate, and then return NULL, if a failure results from
that attempt, otherwise return the JNDIRealm.User object.
Also I've notice there is no method for specifying an alternate
connection URL in the event the URL specified in connectionURL is not
available.  So, I took the liberty of adding an attribute "alternateURL"
to specify a secondary URL.  When the JNDIRealm opens a connection it
will attempt the primary, and, upon failure, then attempt to connect to
the alternate URL.  If this should fail, the JNDIRealm fails as it did
In both features the first exception is logged before the second attempt
to connect proceeds.
I have attached the CVS diff between my copy of JNDIRealm and the
current HEAD version of JNDIRealm.
Brad Handy
Spring Arbor University

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