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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] EL Transition to Jakarta Commons
Date Thu, 19 Dec 2002 00:55:30 GMT
Jan Luehe wrote:

> Costin,
>> +1
>> Is the EL depenent on javax.servlet or javax.servlet.jsp, or is it
>> completely independent and useable in non-servlet-container environments
>> ?
> There are some dependencies on servlet containers. For example, the EL
> supports implicit objects, one of them being "pageContext", so if you
> have an expression of the form "${pageContext}", it is evaluated to
> the PageContext object, which exists only in a servlet environment.

I assume that can be done by the servlet container ( or whatever app is
using the EL package ) by pushing some objects into env ?

My question was - is the EL code using HttpServletRequest or similar things?
Can it be run without a servlet container ( for example - from inside ant )?

>> BTW, another option that can be considered is what Sam Ruby mentioned
>> few times on jakarta-general or community, i.e. just lower the
>> walls between jakarta projects. Moving it to jakarta-commons does
>> the same thing ( all jakarta committers can get access to it ),
>> but I don't think we have to move code in order to get this effect.
> Not sure I exactly understand what "lowering the walls between jakarta
> projects" means. Would the EL implementation remain a component of the
> Standard Taglib under this approach?

I don't know if anyone understand it exactly :-)

If the intention is to give access to EL to other projects - then you
can either move EL to jakarta-commons or just lower the wall on taglib, by 
using the same rules as jakarta-commons ( i.e. all jakarta committers would
have commit access to EL by just adding themself to the STATUS ).


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