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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] minimal JSR 154 only distribution
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 22:23:00 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:

> Well, (without checking), I believe that this one started last Friday and
> Jakarta Votes last one-week.  Unless you propose an additional Vote (which
> will last one more week :), to replace this one, my count (of binding
> votes)
> is: 3 +1, 2 +0, 2 -0, 1 -1.  I've also counted 3 non-binding +1s.
> The active committers have mostly all voted:  Craig is semi-off tomcat
> (but does great work on tomcat-user :), Amy has always only ever voted on
> the projects she cares about, Kinman & Jan have been blown off by the rest
> of us for months, so what do they care?
> AFAIK, the vote is wrapped up.

I think waiting until Friday is not too much ( one week voting period is 
reasonable ). And since this vote didn't have too much prior discussion
and clarifications - a new vote may also be a good idea, clarifying the
various aspects.

I'm willing to change my vote to +1 if the proposal is changed to "minimal 
tomcat distribution" ( i.e. don't explicitely exclude JSP ). That may
mean only jasper-runtime.jar, or not even that ( if placing it in
WEB-INF still works ). 

Changing the name to "minimal" also keeps the door open to 
have only JMX+classloader+ant+download scripts, and have catalina.jar
( i.e. JSR154 ) downloaded. Or some other servlet implementation can
be selected  - so running the 4.1 .jar will be possible for a while, and 
updates to the servlet impl. will be consistent with updates to all other

IMO a lot has been discussed, we have more options and informations - 
so a new vote may be the best idea and may yield real consensus.
I think we are all very close in position and we all agree on 
"minimal". I disagree on binding "minimal" to JSR154 ( in both
directions - it is perfectly reasonable to add jasper-runtime 
or to remove the servlet container ).

To increase the chance of a new vote with more consensus - I'm
changing my vote to -1 on "minimal JSR-154-only".


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