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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] minimal JSR 154 only distribution
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 15:21:29 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:

> It seems to me that we've pretty much reached a consensus on this.  I
> agree with Glen's last post that what we should do is a "core" release
> with nsi/rpm/ant scripts to download the additional components that are
> required (and modify configs).  The "ant" side could be similar to the
> "download" target.
> Given the separation between 154 and 152, I'm sticking with my vote for
> the "core" release to be 154-only (and, I'm consistent, since minimality
> is one of the features that I like in 3.3).

I don't know about what consensus we reached :-)

Bill - the "minimal" profile ( my original proposal ) is almost the same
thing as the 154-only. The big difference is that it keeps the door open
to add jasper-related runtime. 

Having a small download with the minimal profile that download other
components is acceptable - but the main release should be the full
( minimal + various modules and profiles ). I don't think too many 
people like their production servers to go and download stuff :-)
But this is a separate issue - and I have no problem with posting
more binaries ( Remy already does the lite/full )

The question is - should we do "154-only, no 152 allowed" or just "minimal". 
And should we have 2 ( or N ? ) releases, or one release with multiple
binary packages. 

I do like the idea of a repository of modules and experimenting with
downloading ( or updating ) stuff. Jboss allows runtime-changes to almost
any component ( without restarting ), and this is something I allways
wanted to get ( the 3.3 modules kind-of support this feature or 
are very close ). But as part as a common release.


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