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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] minimal JSR 154 only distribution
Date Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:30:05 GMT
Henri Gomez wrote:

> The idea being to provide a minimal tomcat binary and
> many external modules which will be linked at runtime if
> present, Apache 2.0 does it that way, why could we do the
> same.

Another solution can be seen in jboss. They do pack all the
components ( or almost ), but also 3 "config" - minimal, 
default and all. 

One benefit is consistency. They do actually have 3-4 binary
distributions - with the various servlet containers they support,
but that's mostly because the integration of the container is
not that integrated ( at least for tomcat ).

I like very much Henri's proposal of fully-modular tomcat. 

The "minimal" would become JMX ( and modeler ). Then 
various "profiles" can be configured - by either a config file
or placing some jars in a dir. You could have a JK-only
( for example jk + Axis - as a soap server ), or servlet only,
or any other combination - all based on a simple config file.

Yes - Jon will not be happy ( as far as I know Jon ) if jasper.jar
is anywhere in the distribution, even if it is not used.

I think the real argument against my "minimal" proposal is the
current lack of the modular "add-on" mechanism. We almost have it,
but something more is needed.

There is one short-term solution - port the "modules" from 3.3 
( basically take the server/webapps/*/WEB-INF/lib and add this
to the server loader, plus the config file ). Long term we 
can use JMX mlets to load the modules.

We'll still have a single release of tomcat ( that doesn't 
mean we can't have more packages ). A single tomcat is quite
important IMO - at least for our community.

> All we need is a more modular approach of TC 5, which should
> be able to load modules (JMX/JASPER) if available in classpath.
> If you take a look at how decent packaging tools like rpm/debian
> works, they are able to install a PRIMARY PACKAGE and OPTIONAL
> PACKAGES. For your purpose, scarab for example, you could only
> stay with the bare minimum TC 5, without installing the rest
> of TC 5.
> What about ?



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