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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject minimal
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 18:34:10 GMT
Jeanfrancois Arcand wrote:

> Yep. There is a couple of Realm/Authenticator that can be optional (the
> default one should stay in the core module)

Speaking of defaults: 

- Should we make the JAAS realm the default ? Or at least include it 
in the core ? In my opinion the user.xml Realm should eventually be
rewritten as a JAAS plugin - and same for the LDAP/JDBC ones. But
I don't have the time, so including both jaas and user.xml in the 
minimal would be a reasonable solution.

- I think the vote on JMX passed ( or will pass). Do we agree on 
requiring JAAS and JNDI ( i.e JDK1.3 or JDK1.2 + jndi.jar + jaas.jar ) ?
That would eliminate some of the conditionals and clean up things.

One major criteria for making things "optional" can be the external
dependencies ( on non-required features ). Another thing that can be 
made "optional" for 5.0 is the deprecated stuff we include only for
backward compatibility.

My current preference for the list of "required":
- digester ( and beanutils it needs )

And components to be included in minimal:
- catalina
- coyote
- tomcat-util
- http11/jk2
- all valves/etc that are required for tomcat to operate.
- naming

For optional:
- all components with external deps. 
- all components that are not required to get tomcat running
as a fully-functional servlet container.


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