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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [5.0] Cluster features
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 20:11:48 GMT
Jeanfrancois Arcand wrote:

>>>>+1 if all new code goes in a separate module ( instead of catalina ),
>>>>and is built as separate .jar(s).
>>>I wanted to, however I can't do that without changing the API some stuff
>>>in the session package (the damn classes are all package private) :-P
>>>I suppose it's a lot better to stop the hacks *now*, fix that, and put
>>>everything in the cluster package.
>>Well, if you must - you must.
>>But we shouldn't have the core depend on the clustering, just add the
>>minimal stuff that you need in the session.
>>If we can stop the hacks and clean something - I think 5.0 is the best
>>I would preffer to have a consistent hook mechanism for everything -
>>I'm not sure what callbacks will be involved in the clustering.
> Are you thinking about having coyote Action(s)?  If yes, we might one to
> extend the current API having in mind that we will need to supports
> Clustering, Authentification, Authorization, etc.

I don't care too much if it is called Coyote Action, Jk2 Handler, 
3.3 Interceptor(with a single method), or 4.0 Valve ( in multiple chains )
or Axis Handler/Chain. Or even Event/Listener.

Some time ago I started a package to implement yet-another hook, as a 
replacement for Action in coyote. I remove it because there is absolutely
no point for yet another API - any of those APIs can do the job.

All I want is a single and simple and consistent hook mechanism that is used 
for callbacks in all "extension points" ( simple is quite important :-)

Since Coyote is now used in all tomcat versions and also jk - I think
it is a good idea to use with coyote Action. But I'm +1 on anything else -
as long as we converge on a single mechanism ( it is simple
to wrap any hook - Vavle, interceptor, action. into any interface )


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