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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [5.0] Cluster features
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 18:51:27 GMT
Remy Maucherat wrote:

>> +1 if all new code goes in a separate module ( instead of catalina ),
>> and is built as separate .jar(s).
> I wanted to, however I can't do that without changing the API some stuff
> in the session package (the damn classes are all package private) :-P
> I suppose it's a lot better to stop the hacks *now*, fix that, and put
> everything in the cluster package.

Well, if you must - you must. 
But we shouldn't have the core depend on the clustering, just add the 
minimal stuff that you need in the session. 

If we can stop the hacks and clean something - I think 5.0 is the best 

I would preffer to have a consistent hook mechanism for everything - 
I'm not sure what callbacks will be involved in the clustering.

>> It may be worth reopening the "minimal tomcat" discussion :-)
> Maybe. If the difference is only a couple MBs, then it's not worth it,
> though.

Bloat is not about MB or storage. It's about code complexity, potential
security, etc. 

> If we do an alternate distribution, it would have to be radically
> different IMO (like for example, being a simple set of JARs without the
> complex dir structure). The laucher + the + future
> mods to the config system should make that easy.

That's what I was thinking about - a set of jars and minimal configuration.
Eventually using only MBeans for configuration and setup.

BTW, we could use MBeans for the optional packages too. I think it works
pretty well. We'll need to get a consensus on requiring JMX for tomcat5,
but so far it doesn't seem it'll have a big impact on the code ( I did
all kind of experiments with modeler and ant lately ).


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