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From "Tom Fennelly" <>
Subject Re: Jasper DOM API
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 12:47:08 GMT

I'm also interested in this sort of functionality - I asked a similar 
question last week.

Is it on the roadmap or has any earlier voting process already rejected it 
as a viable feature?

If it hasn't already been rubished as a suggested feature, would I (or Udo) 
be out of order making an initial proposal/suggestion on how it might be 
implemented (to get the ball rolling so to speak!!)?  If this isn't 
appropriate - no prob!!



>From: Udo Walker <>
>Reply-To: "Tomcat Developers List" <>
>Subject: Jasper DOM API
>Date: Mon, 02 Dec 2002 15:15:23 +0100
>will there be a XML-DOM API in Jasper to access parsed JSP pages?
>I found an internal structure of Node.Nodes but how can I access it with
>the API?
>I want to give the API a JSP filename and get back a DOM structure of
>that JSP page or an error (line number and error message) if the JSP
>couldn't be parsed correctly.
>Is there something planed?
>With regards,
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