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From Nick Bauman <>
Subject Repost: SSI invoking CGI fix PATCH
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 16:14:57 GMT
Errr, Anyone care about this?

How do I get a patch in the repository?

> Hello Tom Cats,
> Currently under Tomcat 4.1.12 SSI "normal" configuration which invokes a
> CGI script does not work. The reason for this is pretty obvious: The SSI
> servelet uses the pathInfo (PATH_INFO) value and calls the request
> dispatcher for any resources needed. The request dispatcher eats the
> pathInfo value and the CGI servlet can't find the CGI program, because
> it relies on pathInfo to tell it where the script is. Or something like
> that, whatever, you cats probably know better.
> Anyway, I made minor changes to three files in the current 4.1.12 distro
> to solve this problem. The strategy is thus: SSI-invoked resources flag
> the request with an attibute. When CGI servlet finally gets the request
> dispached, he checks whether SSI servlet invoked the resource via said
> attribute. If this is the case, he ignores the request.getPathInfo()
> method in favor of an already-present attribute on the request which
> already has the PATH_INFO environment value in it.
> Voila, everything works now. Diff attached.
> Nick Bauman
> Software Engineer
> Cortexity Development
> 3600 N. Dupont
> Minneapolis, MN
> 55412
> M: 612-232-7120

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