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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] minimal JSR 154 only distribution
Date Wed, 11 Dec 2002 00:23:38 GMT
Jon Scott Stevens wrote:
> on 2002/12/10 3:23 PM, "Glenn Nielsen" <> wrote:
>>Then we only have one download (perhaps large) but with a variety
>>of different installs.
> Right now, I have to specially distribute Tomcat for Scarab. Instead, I want
> one small download that I can point people at and tell them to copy their
> scarab.war into. It should be a download which only contains code and data
> that Scarab requires (which is a minimal JSR 154 container).
> -jon

Right.  You need a distribution tailored for your use.  Others may have
slightly different dists they need. Where does it stop? Would we end up
with 2-3 dozen different distributions?  Tomcat can be used in so many
different ways that it can be very difficult for those devs who vote to
decide on how many dists there should be and what they should contain.

A single distribution with the most used components which included
ant with different install targets would be much more flexible.  Those
components not included with Tomcat could be installed by automating
retrieval and installation from a remote site.

This achieves your goal of being able to easily setup a servlet only
instance of Tomcat _and_ meets the requirement of only having one

The contentious issue would be what components are bundled with
Tomcat and which can be installed but have to be retrieved from a
remote site.


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