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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Minimal tomcat ( JSR154 + JSR152 )
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 19:14:47 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>>>[ ] +1 I like the idea, I might help
>>>[ ] -1 I don't like the idea, I won't help.
>>I'll have to vote -1 until the other vote completes, and then, I'll
>>either be:
>>- +1 if Jon's proposal doesn't pass
>>- -1 if Jon proposal is accepted, unless Jasper is removed from the list
> I think this is at least unfair.
> I started the discussion on "minimal" tomcat before Jon's vote. I was 
> trying to get a consensus and opinions to shape the proposal. Jon
> jumped in with the vote. I don't think "who proposes the vote first
> wins" is the best solution, I don't think we are even talking about the
> same thing ( Jon wants a JSR154-only, I'm proposing a minimal tomcat ).
> I don't see why a vote on Jon's proposal would affect my proposal 
> ( or any future vote ). 
>>As I said, I'd like to limit to 2 maximum the amount of Tomcat binary
>>distributions (I think two is too much, actually, but still is
> Then make a proposal that "maximum 2 tomcat binary distribution should be 
> allowed". But even in this case - I think I am allowed to propose that 
> one of the distributions ( the small one ) includes jasper runtime and is 
> not called "jsr154 only". Even if Jon's vote is passing.
> If your -1 vote on "minimal tomcat" ( that includes jasper ) is based 
> on concerns that we'll have too many distributions - I agree it's
> a valid reason, and I know you don't need a reason to vote -1. 
> I have no problem with a vote on "minimal tomcat" to not include
> jasper compiler ( or even jasper runtime ) - if this gets a majority
> of votes than it can happen. The reverse is a bit more difficult - 
> i.e. we can't include jasper in a "JSR154 only" ( as Jon proposed )

I agree this is unfair for your vote, and should be an independent 
issue. I'm reverting to my previous vote then (it was +1).


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