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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Make jakarta-tomcat-catalina codebase common for both Tomcat 4 and Tomcat 5
Date Wed, 04 Dec 2002 15:34:20 GMT
Glenn Nielsen wrote:
> With Tomcat 4.1 released many tomcat developers have been reticent to 
> add new features
> to its codebase for a number of reasons.  All the development going on 
> in Tomcat 5 and
> wanting to keep the number of codebase's where bug fix patches have to 
> be applied to a
> minimum.
> There are alot of ideas for new features that I would like to see end up 
> in a Tomcat 4.2
> release. Especially since we don't know when the Servlet 2.4/JSP 2.0 
> specs will be finalized
> so that Tomcat 5 can be released.
> There isn't that much difference in the core of catalina between the 
> Servlet 2.3 and
> Servlet 2.4 specs. It might be possible to change the 
> jakarta-tomcat-catalina codebase
> to make it neutral to what Servlet spec is implemented.  Then this 
> codebase could be
> used for future Tomcat 4 and Tomcat 5 development.  And we then have a 
> common codebase
> for applying bug fix patches.
> This seems to fit in with the direction we have been going where 
> different components
> are kept in different code bases. naming, connectors, jasper, etc.
> Comments?

This is hard to do (Catalina has never been written to allow facades). 
Also, for Tomcat 5, j-t-catalina is actually the Servlet 2.4 facade.

I'd like to point out that Jasper 2 from TC 5 is diverging from Jasper 2 
from TC 4.1 very very quickly. Do you want a common codebase and some 
facades for that too ? ;-)

Connectors is in common, because of the set of facades used in Coyote.

I have no interest in that project, and see no point in trying to extend 
the life of the old API (given that the new one is quite similar).

-0 from me (ie, go ahead if there's some developer interest; of course, 
implementation details will need to be discussed further).


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