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From eric scroger <>
Subject Error? org/apache/ajp/tomcat4/Ajp13Connector createProcessor()
Date Mon, 02 Dec 2002 18:40:04 GMT

We were noticing some 'No processor available' exceptions
associated with the Ajp13Connectors under heavy load.
I downloaded the Tomcat 4.0.6 connectors source and had
a look at the code responsible for creating a new processor to
handle an incoming Ajp13 socket connection from Apache.

In, in the
createProcessor() method, I noticed that there was no logic
to handle the case if maxProcessors was configured to "-1"
for infinite processors.  In the HttpConnector source, if
maxProcessors was "-1", then it returned a newProcessor().
I modified this createProcessor() method to function in the
same manner and the Ajp13 "No processor available"
exceptions disappeared.

  private Ajp13Processor createProcessor() {

  synchronized (processors) {
      if (processors.size() > 0)
          return ((Ajp13Processor) processors.pop());
      if ((maxProcessors > 0) && (curProcessors < maxProcessors))
          return (newProcessor());
      else {
          if ((maxProcessors < 0))        // my new code returns a new 
              return (newProcessor());    // if maxProcessors is "-1", 
aka infinite.
         else                       return (null);                       
// original else return result

My question then, is this a bug in the Ajp13Connector functionality?
Or is there some design reason to not allow the user to configure
the Ajp13Connector for infinite processors via the "-1" option.
I couldn't locate any documentation that says Ajp13 connectors
cannot and should not be configured for infinite processors.


Eric Scroger

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