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From "Alexius Luke" <>
Subject heap usage is high- tomcat- optimizeit profiler - help!!!
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 07:58:10 GMT
Hello ,

         I am  a newbie using borland Optimizeit to profile web server
running on tomcat server.I have few doubts about the observations i have
made in profiling my software application.

Optimizeit Profiler 5.0

Web Application
Server - Redhat Linux 7.3
App.Server - tomcat 3.2.3-1
Web Server - Apache 1.3.23-14
Connector - Apj13

I ran Tomcat on Optimizeit Generic Audit System 5.0(Linux version) and
observed the profiling by attaching it to the desktop windows version of
Optimizeit Profiler 5.0(windows version).

I am profiling to debug some memory leak in my application.
After testing few test cases,
1.Optimizeit Profiler shows steady memory usage.Not much increase after test
Linux m/c shows gradual increase in the memory usage of the java
2.Optimizeit shows only a heap usage of 8000K and the heap size of some
Linux m/c shows a memory usage of 70000K.

Though optimizeit profiler shows no memory leak(except initial big
allocations) in all the possible test cases,tomcat heap keeps piling up when
I run the test continously.

Could somebody explain the above behavior of optimizeit and tomcat.How
should I understand the difference in the numerical values between the
optimizeit one and the linux one.

-Alexius Luke

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