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From "Peter Romianowski" <>
Subject Bug with Logger? (could be shorter...)
Date Tue, 03 Dec 2002 12:59:21 GMT
  With 4.1.12 (4.0.x is ok) I experience a problem with logging.
There seems to be some strange buffering. I have a Servlet in
my webapp which does some initialisation. It prints progress 
information to STDOUT and error information
to STDERR. I have a System.exit call if something fails. (It is
really important for me that *nothing* is running in the case of
an initialisation-error). The problem is, that I never see my progress
information and no error-messages (if the System.exit part is reached). 
That makes finding the error *real* hard (it took me several hours 
yesterday to find that one of my XML-configuration files was not well 

  So the question is: Is there some buffering of output? BTW, if
everything works fine during init then the progress information is
shown *after* everything's done - so not really a "progress"

  As said above, nothing of that kind happened with 4.0.x.


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