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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: JSPC refactoring/documentation
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 00:03:37 GMT
Fredrik Westermarck wrote:

> The problem that I and others have experienced is that proposals and/or
> patches, by non-committers, don't get discussed or voted about.

You have to keep pushing. If you send patches and proposals you can
become a committer - and then you'll start ignoring patches and proposals  

I'm sorry - but everyone is very short on time. If you have a real interest
in tomcat the best solution is to send patches, insist on getting them
accepted and become a committer. I think many people here will tell you
it's not that hard.

>>>Since I'm not aware of the TC 5.0 requirements regarding the JDK and
>>>such I might be wrong here but...
>> AFAIK - JDK1.3.
>> ( it should work fine with JDK1.2, but I don't think it is tested that
>> much ).
> Should...

Are you on JDK1.2 ? 

Is there any concrete feature that you need in 4.1 but is not implemented ?

>> TC5.0 should be backward compatible.
> Should... Yes I also tell my customers that it should work, even if you
> never can be 100% sure. :-)

Download the milestones, test your application - and if it doesn't work 
submit bug reports or patches.

It is quite possible to have a change between minor releases that would
brake your app. You can never know if it is not tested.

What's important ( IMO ) is that at the moment it seems more people are
actively working on 5.0, so its easier to get things changed there. 
4.1 is stable - and it's normal to be a high resistence to bigger changes.

It's a case-by-case decision - if a feature is extremely important
and you have good arguments to convince 2-3 committers and you have the 
patch - than it's very likely it'll be accepted ( including for 4.0 or 


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