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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: JSPC refactoring/documentation
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 15:57:15 GMT
Glenn Nielsen wrote:

> If I understand correctly, what you are saying above is that Tomcat 4
> development should be frozen except for bug fixes and all changes and new
> features go in
> Tomcat 5?  Is that a correct summary?  If so I think it is premature to do
> so, especially since a production quality version of Tomcat 5 could take 6
> months.

The real problem is the new servlet/jsp spec and implementation. All the 
extra code is reasonably stable.

I don't know how hard it would be to separate the servlet-specific classes,
and use the same codebase for a 4.x release. 

IMHO - if you get 3 +1 votes for 4.2 - I won't opose it ( meaning people 
willing to work on it ). I am spending all my free time on 5.0 and ant ( I 
only review the excelent commits that Bill makes in 3.3, sorry I can't help 

> If we are just maintaining Tomcat 4.1 (bug fixes), I would be willing to
> port any bug fixes to the Tocmat 4.1 branch into a Tocmat 4.2 development
> branch. And when a 4.2 branch is ready, willing to act as the release
> manager if you are not interested in doing so.

Propose a vote then. 

Again - if 3 committers are willing to work on 4.2, then probably there
is a need for it. I would prefer the features to be done on 5.0 ( or 3.3 
:-), but everyone should deal with his itches.


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