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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Proposed jspc refactoring
Date Thu, 07 Nov 2002 20:23:53 GMT
Hans Bergsten wrote:

>> Removing the CLI and keeping the basic functionality seems like
>> a good idea.
> "CLI" as in ...? Sorry, I'm not familar with this acronym.

Command line interface., main() and the argument processing.

Just use the jspc task in ant. My understanding is that ant's 
<jspc> can also generate code for other  containers, so one 
extra benefit.

And if jspc becomes first-class - we'll stop the 
nightly gump test failures for ant :-) ( JSPC is 
actually tested by gump - part of ant tests ).

( there are failures - but it seems they happen only
in gump env, and I wasn't yet able to fix them ).

>> I would go even further - since we are already using ant to
>> compile the java to .class, it may be a good idea to make the
>> .jsp->.java task 'first class'.
> Not sure I follow. If you mean to do this in addition to fixing
> JSPC (with the -webapp option), it's okay with me.

Basically add an execute() method and setters to Compiler, and 
calling jasper indirectly, using the ant task. 

Jasper will be a very large ant task. That means we could 
switch jasper versions ( or other jsp impl ), it could be used
in other containers or applications, etc.

( well, I'm not volunteering for that - but I think it would
be a nice idea for 5.0 ).

BTW, a separate issue would be extending the JMX support
to jasper. We use JMX mostly for configuration, but that's
only a small part of what can be done. We can extract 
informations or control jasper at runtime ( recompile, set
jikes, etc ). And jasper would be even easier to embed.


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