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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: 5.0 and jmx
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 03:16:59 GMT
Glenn Nielsen wrote:

> There are now several commerical tools for doing production runtime
> monitoring of java applications which can obtain their data using JMX.

That's orthogonal - it doesn't matter what method we use to 'jmx-enable',
what matters is to have the getters for the info we need. That's quite
easy to do ( except for timing and performance data - where we have
to avoid sync - but be thread safe - that will need some thread tricks ).

> Currently JMX in Tomcat is only being used for configuration data.
> I would like to see this expanded to support making available production
> runtime monitoring data.


> With that in mind, I would like it to be easy to plug in an MBean
> anywhere it might be useful to export metrics on tomcat performance
> and usage of resources to the outside world.

I think adding getters to the components that have the information
is the easiest ( and best ) solution. 

This is really not very dependent to JMX - it doesn't matter if you
define the MBean interface directly, use dynamic or model mbeans. What 
matters is to have the information available, wrapping in JMX is extremely


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