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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject 5.0 and jmx
Date Tue, 05 Nov 2002 00:43:02 GMT
Not sure if this was decided or we are just in a status-quo mode.

My question is what is our position regarding the dependency of
tomcat5 on JMX and the level of integration/support. 

There are 2 choices:
- 5.0 requires JMX. If this is the case we can have code that takes
advantage of this a bit more.

- 5.0 doesn't require JMX, but it can be jmx-enabled using listeners
and the modeler. 

In both cases I think it is essential to make few changes - like letting
the components know their own name and moving some of the logic
that is now in mbeans/ package back to the components.

For most cases it is possible to do that using some wrapper - like
the new BaseRegistry I added to modeler ( unless someone -1 it :-)

The problem I am trying to solve is the relative difficulty of
adding new mbeans ( the MBeanFactory, the xml file, etc). 
If nobody objects I would like to move the descriptor to META-INF
and use getResources() to load all descriptors - I added some of the code  
in modeler.

A second change would be to add a mechanism to deal with 
the MBeanRegistration - for example using some methods with the
same name ( preRegister, postRegister, etc) that could be hooked with
the current lifecycle. The hooks could be used to implement 
the logic that is currently in the MBeanFactory in the real
object ( for example have a LogValve register itself with the
Context/Host/Container ).

It is not very difficult to wrap most of the JMX functionality ( either in 
BaseRegistry or in a JNDI context ). We need registration, location of
components and callbacks. Of course, using JMX directly would simplify
some code.

Craig, Amy, Remy - I would apreciate feedback on those issues.


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