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From "Mattle, Marco" <>
Subject Win32 Build How-To for mod_jk-1.2 Apache 1.3.x EAPI (tomcat-conne ctors-jk-1.2.0)
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 14:09:20 GMT

I've spent a few hours getting the information and sources together, but now
I have a working module.

a Java SDK Installation and a valid JAVA_HOME

A compiled Apache source tree - read the how-to below to get it done
Don't worry about the sometimes obsolete versions being used just download
the newest, until now nothing serious has changed what would cause the build
to fail.

Tools you'll need : awk has a zip file with lots of truely native gnu
utils. use gawk.exe, rename to awk.exe and put it somewhere windows can find

Having the tree ready you need to get the jakarta-tomcat-connector-jk-1.2.0
sources from

you MUST set APACHE1_HOME to your newly compiled Apache source tree before
proceeding. My build tree was c:\temp\apache or wherever you've put your

open jk\native\apache-1.3\mod_jk.dsp (jk connector source tree) and save it
as DOS TEXT. Visual C++ will get confused if the project file is provided
with UNIX linefeeds only. After you've done that, open the file in VC,
generate a makefile and quit again. We're going to edit the makefile by hand
a bit.

Look for the CPP_PROJ= line, lots of /D "..." will show up insert /D "EAPI"
in between somewhere

I suggest you do it for both configuations debug & release ;-)

then at a command prompt, after you have loaded the vcvars32.bat file from
VC you can type 
nmake /f mod_jk.mak /all

that's it.

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