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From "Ignacio J. Ortega" <>
Subject RE: Does anyone care....
Date Wed, 20 Nov 2002 23:54:22 GMT

JK2 is aproaching Stable state at very good pace, and the help there is
much more needed than in jk1, testing and reporting bugs, and
implemeting features like yours, is preferred.. in any case yours is ok
for jk1.. thought..

> in to jk2.  Do you think it's better to do this sooner or later?

I think sooner the better, mostly i can easily test to your changes in
my dev machine ;), and development in jk2 ( native2 ) it's active at the
moment, and jk1 it's freezed .. soo

> With respect to your last comment:  Is submitting patches as 
> incidents in
> bugzilla preferred to posting them on the mailing list?  If 
> so, I will do
> this in the future.

Well, you finally seemed to the get the answer by yourself :), but for
sure a bug with a [PATCH] in the summary and a good explanation, with
the patch attached will do well too, i prefer it, it gets stored ata
safe place ( much better than a mail archive ) and we can add comments
for posterity.. and the bugzilla mails go to the tomcat-dev too.. so
better to add a it as bug.. IMHO..

> Thank you very much.

Thank you for your patience 

Ignacio J. Ortega 

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