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From Alexander Leyke <>
Subject Re: JK2 module for AOLserver
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2002 16:55:42 GMT

Costin Manolache wrote:

>Are you using the jni channel ? Is that working too ? 
No, it is the default ajp13 channel. I think I told you about my doubts 
about jk_workerEnv.c hardcoding "ajp13" as the type for all channel 
initialization. Anyway, this is how the code looks like now (let me know 
if I am missing the point here). Would the code I have commented out use 
jni channel?

static int jk2_workerEnv_addChannel(jk_env_t *env, jk_workerEnv_t *wEnv,
                                    jk_channel_t *ch)
    /* Automatically create the ajp13 worker to be used with this channel.
    jkb=env->createBean2(env, ch->mbean->pool, "ajp13", 
ch->mbean->localName );

    /* AL - attempt to change to different channel

    if (strcmp (ch->mbean->localName, "jni") == 0)
        factype = "worker.jni";
        factype = "ajp13";


>Regarding jsp - it uses ant to compile, so you may want to set a 
>system property to specify the compiler ( you can do it in the worker
>config ). I use "build.compiler=jikes" :-)
Not sure how the things are related to ant. Standalone Tomcat compiles 
JSP perfectly well, so I think this is related to runtime environment, 
some option missing from in-process environment. Isn't ant used strictly 
at build time, and JSP compile done by Tomcat translating things to Java 
and then calling JVM to compile into bytecode?

>You can have hooks for startup, init, or close - but the only one that
>matters ( in most cases ) is the one that loads main().
I think there is a 4th phase, shutdown. What does servlet spec say about 
shutdown, is there a way to register a "shutdown" servlet - loosing that 
capability may not be the best thing. I do see slightly different 
behavior now - there is a "Service shutting down" message from Tomcat, 
but AOLserver shutdown messages are missing. It could be bugs in my 
code, I know I forgot to initialize JVM in separate thread (has to do 
with AOLserver disabling signals in main thread, and JVM depending on 
them to do garbage collection).

Thank you,

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