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From Dan>
Subject Re: problems with SSI extensions
Date Thu, 21 Nov 2002 01:08:51 GMT
I've been a bad boy by not taking care of this.  This is just the kind 
of encouragement I need to movitate my guilty butt.  I'll work on it 
tonight and with any luck commit it tomorrow.

Which branch do I commit this to?  And if the answer is the 4.x branch, 
who/how does it get forward-ported?


Paul Speed wrote:

>These worked at one time.  Then that entire version of SSI was 
>clobbered and replaced with a version that only supported a subset
>of the commands.  None of my clobbered rewrite has been ported 
>forward again and I haven't had the time (or motivation) to rewrite
>my rewrite again and try to get a patch committed.
>I only mention this so that if someone wants to scratch this particular
>itch they know that there's code in the CVS attic that does this. 
>They'd just have to port it somehow.  Might save someone some time.
>Richard Hallier wrote:
>>Tomcat 4.1.12 with SSI enabled
>>Basic functions work well, but i'm in trouble with :
>>1/ <!--#if is not supported (i've got an "unknown command"), maybe it's
>>2/ This command in my .shtm : "<!--#include virtual="${QUERY_STRING}" -->"
>>generates the following error:
>>2002-11-19 21:11:20 ssi: #include--Couldn't include file: ${QUERY_STRING}
>> Couldn't find file: /${QUERY_STRING}
>>Thank you for your help.
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