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From Alexander Leyke <>
Subject JK2 module for AOLserver
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2002 17:58:52 GMT

I am working on a JK2 module for AOLserver and would like to receive 
feedback on JNI and compiler issues I encountered. My environment is 
Solaris 7, AOLserver 3.4 and Tomcat 4.1.12. Issues:

1) Can't use JNI worker. AOLserver follows single-process, 
multi-threaded architectural model and its native scripting language is 
Tcl. Executing servlets in-process would help to bridge a gap between 
Java and Tcl and so is an important motivation in this project. My 
module loads JVM and initializes Tomcat in-process, but then I encounter 
2 conditions:

"ajp13" worker factory seems to be hardcoded regardless of actual worker 
type. Here is a snippet from JTC-4.1.12/jk/native2/common/jk_workerEnv.c:

static int jk2_workerEnv_addChannel(jk_env_t *env, jk_workerEnv_t *wEnv,
                                    jk_channel_t *ch)
    /* Automatically create the ajp13 worker to be used with this channel.
    jkb=env->createBean2(env, ch->mbean->pool, "ajp13", 
ch->mbean->localName );

I changed the code above to use "ajp13" or "worker.jni" depending on 
ch->mbean->localName , but that still didn't help, because 
jk2_jni_worker_service function in 
JTC-4.1.12/jk/native2/common/jk_worker_jni.c is a placeholder. I did 
make sure not to use default "lb" worker for JNI.

Is JNI worker intentionally disabled, or am I misinterpreting the code? 
I could fix jk2_jni_worker_service function with some guidance, but is 
there a similar implementation gap in Tomcat 4 Java classes?

2) JTC build doesn't seem to be very friendly for non-GNU compilers. I 
use Sun Workshop, and had to write some hacks to make ant and libtool 
work with Sun's C compiler. In particular, both ant and libtool insisted 
on supplying invalid "-W" command option to compiler. I suspect that 
JTC-4.1.12/jk/jkant/java/org/apache/jk/ant/compilers/ is 
intended for UCB cc support, and I need to write a separate class for 
ant to work with Sun's cc and bypass libtool (which configured itself 
mostly correctly to use Sun cc, but still insisted on "-W"). Had anyone 
had any relevant experience?

Thanks very much!

Alex Leykekh
Sr. Software Engineer, AOL Digital City

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