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From Amy Roh <>
Subject Re: JMX problems
Date Thu, 14 Nov 2002 22:15:12 GMT

Costin Manolache wrote:
> Craig, Amy - or anyone who knows JMX, I need help :-)
> I just can't find any way to add an attribute change listener
> in the whole JMX spec, unless I have the instance of the model
> mbean. And there is no way to get that instance.

I talked to Hans Hrasna in JMX team and I got the following answers.

It IS possible to manage all attribute changes via JMX and persist them 
using attribute change listener using the current spec.

It's up to the MBean owning the attribute of interest to create and send
attribute change notifications when the attribute change occurs. So the
NotificationBroadcaster interface has to be implemented by any MBean for 
which an attribute change is of interest.

Example: If an MBean called myMbean needs to notify registered listeners 
when its attribute:

      String myString

is modified, myMbean creates and emits the following notification:

      new AttributeChangeNotification(myMbean, sequenceNumber, timeStamp,
      msg, "myString", "String", oldValue, newValue);

One just adds a NotificationListener. AttributeChangeNotification is 
emitted just like any other notification.

> All query and get methods in MBeanServer return ObjectInstance -
> i.e. name and class, but no 'instance'. 
> There is an 'addNotificationListener' that takes the object name -
> but the spec ( and implementation ) doesn't allow this to register
> attribute change listeners, and att changes are not sent to 
> listeners registered with this method ( there is an "all other but
> attribute changes" in the PDF file ).

NotificationListeners registered on an MBean will receive the
AttributeChangeNotifications just like any other notification. There is 
no such special type "attribute change listeners".

Hope this helps.

> I'm stuck. I can add some code to the modeler mbean to work 
> around, but the solution won't work for other mbeans.
> What I want to do is find all attribute changes done via JMX and persist 
> them - if you remember my old proposal. At the moment I'm not very sure
> it can be implemented. The only possible solution to revive it would be
> to force all attribute changes to go through a modeler-specific interface
> or to require the use of the modeler for all mbeans.
> Costin
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