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From Fredrik Westermarck <>
Subject Re: JSPC refactoring/documentation
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 20:24:23 GMT
Costin Manolache wrote:

>>The problem that I and others have experienced is that proposals and/or
>>patches, by non-committers, don't get discussed or voted about.
> You have to keep pushing.

Well I did, but the next person might not. In that case the community as 
a whole may miss important features or ideas.

 > If you send patches and proposals you can
> become a committer - and then you'll start ignoring patches and proposals  
> :-)

If I was a committer I wouldn't feel good about ignoring patches and 
proposals. By the way isn't ignoring patches/proposals the opposite of 
what a committer is supposed to do?

> I'm sorry - but everyone is very short on time.

Yes, I do know that and respect that.

> Is there any concrete feature that you need in 4.1 but is not implemented ?

Not anymore. :)

> What's important ( IMO ) is that at the moment it seems more people are
> actively working on 5.0, so its easier to get things changed there. 
> 4.1 is stable - and it's normal to be a high resistence to bigger changes.

I didn't know that Tomcat 4 (as it seems now) wasn't to be actively 
maintained and improved. I thought Tomcat 5 goal was to improve Tomcat 4 
and implement the new Servlet- and JSP-specs.

Maybe the community has to be told that 4.1 is in 'high resistence'-mode 
so that ppl know that they should test their apps with 5.0 if they want 
or is waiting for new features that have been proposed.

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