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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: JSPC refactoring/documentation
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:09:33 GMT
Jon Scott Stevens wrote:

> on 2002/11/11 10:10 AM, "Remy Maucherat"  wrote:
> >I'm now independent and unemployed, so I'm not aware of the Sun
> >schedules for the spec anymore :-P
> I'm sorry to hear that Remy.

Yeah, I miss knowing the schedule ;-)

Don't worry too much, I'm on vacation at the moment. Finding OSS related 
jobs is quite hard, OTOH (but I don't think this will surprise anyone :) ).

> >Probably within 3-6 months given J2EE
> >1.4 is in beta. The rule is we cannot release a stable version of 5.0.x
> >until the specs are final.
> I have to disagree here with the 'rules'. Tomcat is an open source project
> as well as the spec. We are not bound by those terms. Jason, please 
> correct
> me if I am wrong.

The idea is that one cannot claim to implement a spec which doesn't 
exist yet. I don't know what the contract actually says (I suppose I 
could check).
We probably will not be in a position to release a stable version of 
Tomcat 5 anytime soon if we keep our current feature additions plan, so 
it doesn't matter much.


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