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From Jon Roberts <>
Subject java servlets to rate congressmen
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 21:06:28 GMT
Tuesday is election day. I've developed a web application to perhaps 
help you make more educated voting decisions. Follow the links below, 
and you can say "Yea" or "Nay" on some of the same issues your 
congressmen voted on in their most recent session. You don't need to 
make a decision on every issue (you "Abstain" by default), but you need 
to vote on at least one to get results. Upon submission of your votes, 
my application will evaluate how often your congressmen agreed with your 
calls (by %).

For issues from the Senate:

For issues from the House of Representatives:

Feel free to try it as much as you want, and please forward this message 
to anyone you can before Election Day. If you have trouble, let me know at:

This example application is built entirely on open standards and 
delivered using mostly open source software. In particular, it uses Java 
servlets and an LDAP compliant directory database. All software products 
from Mentata Systems ( are free and open source. Thanks 
for looking, and don't forget to vote for real on Tuesday.

Jon Roberts

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