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From ryan <>
Subject Tomcat scalability
Date Sun, 03 Nov 2002 07:39:05 GMT
1. For a project my company is working on we have transactions 
requirements of 1600 transactions per second.  The transactions consists 
of processing a servlet in Tomcat, doing a database call and then 
displaying the results to the user so the effective number of transactions
Tomcat has to process is actually greater than 1600.

Can Tomcat cope with 1600 requests in a second(a 4 processor Sunfire 
machine will be used)?  

Based upon our current application architecture(our java application has 
tomcat running inside it), 1600 request per second means we may have 
1600 threads open simultaneously.  

2. From one article I read at linux journal, Tomcat 3 didn't scale very 
well with multiple processors because of JVM issues.

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