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From "Donald Ball" <>
Subject bug found and fixed in jasper in 4.x cvs
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 20:51:23 GMT
I recently had the occasion to try and make jasper's JspC work for my
webapp. Unfortunately, it was did not work out of the box. Fortunately, I
was able to patch it to make it work. The problem is that my directory
structure looks something like this:


JspC complained that foo was both a package name and a class name and that
that was not allowed (java.util.Map.Entry not withstanding, I guess). Note
that when catalina invokes jasper via the JspServlet, the class names are
mangled with a "$jsp" suffix, so this problem does not occur; no idea why
the algorithm is different when operating in JspC mode. In any case, I
patched JspC to tack on a "$jsp" suffix to the ctctxt class name (when one
has not been manually specified on the command line, that is). I'd be happy
to submit a patch if someone can tell me the preferred mechanism these

I also have a patch for JDBCRealm that generalizes it to allow the user to
specify arbitrary SQL queries for getting user and role data. I posted a
note about it a month or so ago to deafening silence, perhaps I'll have
better luck this time?

- donald

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