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From Scott Johnson <>
Subject Tomcat memory management
Date Tue, 12 Nov 2002 00:52:59 GMT

We've got an application that is replicated for clients, each 
replication runs in its own context. We're running jdk1.4.1, RH7.2, 
Tomcat 4.0.6

Even though the application itself can run fine on 10mb RAM, as each 
context initializes, EVERY thread allocates more memory until we get 
20-30 contexts up with each context taking 60-90mb RAM:

An example process output will have one entry like this for every 
root      2900  0.0  6.6 257624 68556 pts/1  S    18:32   0:00 
/usr/java/jdk1.4.1_01/bin/java -Xmx10m 
/usr/java/jdk1.4.1_01/lib/tools.jar:/usr/java/tomcat/bin/bootstrap.jar -

As you can see, the -Xmx... argument is of no effect as these processes 
are taking 68mb.

For us the optimal solution would be to have a single process handling 
all of the contexts, or have each context limited to 10mb.

I've searched for a configuration to allow the former, and the Xmx arg 
isn't working on the latter. Does anyone have any ideas?

Scott Johnson
AtTask, Inc.
Work Smart, Work Happy™

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