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From Scott Stirling <>
Subject Re: tomcat suddenly stops
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 08:55:54 GMT

> If you have any idea about problem, like setting of TOMCAT,
> could you tell me the solution ?
Set MAKE_MY_PROBLEM_GO_AWAY=true in your startup script.  ;-> 

Your question really belongs on the user list, not dev. 

Your best piece of debugging would be to use stack traces (search Google
or Javasoft's site for info on generating JVM stack traces on demand) on
the hung JVM to find out where the problem is.  For the tiny bit of info
you've provided below, no one can tell you whether there's a bug in your
code (like a memory leak or thread deadlock or starvation from improper
use of database connections), your environment, or Tomcat. 

Some advice from experience: upgrade to Tomcat 3.3.1.  I can tell you
that 3.2.4 (which is the latest of the 3.2.x series) performs about 20%
slower than 3.3.1, and also has some bugs that affect reliability and
scalability under load.  While you're at it, upgrade your JVM to
1.3.1_06 -- it seems to be the stablest in the line of 1.3.1 JVMs, at
least on Solaris (I see you're on Win32). Aside from that
recommendation, after you upgrade and if there's still a problem, get
some stack traces and more information and bring it to the tomcat-user

Scott Stirling 

On Wed, 2002-11-13 at 03:33, Sanjay Kashyap wrote: 
> Environment  is following
> Server:NT4 sp6
> jdk1.3.1
> tomcat3.2.3
> My system has been using Oracle8.1.7 IIS4.0 and  Javamail1.2,
> but tomcat suddenly stops one time a day these days.
> When it's stopped, if try to connect to URL, it says "Page is not found".
> Without rebooting the tomcat, it will be connected URL correctly after few
> minute later.
> If you have any idea about problem, like setting of TOMCAT,
> could you tell me the solution ?
> Thanks

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