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From Thomas Morin <>
Subject mod_jk patch to honor Apache UseCanonicalName
Date Mon, 04 Nov 2002 09:01:11 GMT

Here is a short patch to mod_jk giving people the opportunity to make mod_jk
honor Apache "UseCanonicalName" option. 


  UseCanonicalName on
  JkOption HonorUseCanonicalName

In practice in the following configuration, whatever the Host header in the
HTTP request, request.getServerName() will return "".

The patch is against tomcat connectors 1.2, it patches mod_jk for Apache 1.3
and Apache 2.0, and is under the Apache Software Licence.

Part for apache 1.3 was suitably tested, but I didn't have an Apache 2.0 handy
to test that part. I guess the patch is simple enough not to have side
effects, so I'm quite confident. I'd be happy to have feedback on both parts

Feel free to mail me any feeling/feedback you have about this proposition.



PS: I'm not on tomcat-dev so please Cc me any reply, thanks.

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