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From Moisés Serrano Martínez <>
Subject Re: Client-cert authentication.
Date Wed, 13 Nov 2002 16:21:26 GMT

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From: "jean-frederic clere" <>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 4:58 PM
Subject: Re: Client-cert authentication.

Moisés Serrano Martínez wrote:
> Thanks a lot. At the end I got it.


> A new question:
> Does anybody know how to access to the data in a certificate from a client
> browser.
> In order to sign a document in a client who doesn´t have the Java
> environment.

I am not sure I understand what you want to do: import a certificate in the

No. This is quite clear, thanks a lot.

What I need to do is to access the data included in a certificate in the
client side. In order to develop a work-flow process signing/verifying the
document in every step of the work-flow. All these in a client withour J2EE

As far as I know, when you sign something in a asymetric encryption mode you
sign the document with your private key and the receiver can verify the sign
with the public key included in the certificate.

The question is : How can I manage to access the private key included in the
client keystore (.pfx or .p12 certificate) in order to allow the client to
sign something. I suppose this is something similar than a client mail do
when you sign an e-mail attaching the certificate to the e-mail and the
receiver can read it only if he has the certificate associated to the
address with the correct email in the address book.

is the question more clear now?

Thank´s a lot in advance

> any idea for beginning to investigate.
> javasript?
> browser api?
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