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From "John Trollinger" <>
Subject Problem with navigating faster that JSP pages can compile
Date Fri, 01 Nov 2002 14:18:40 GMT
I did not want to create a bug for this, as I can not reproduct it with
a simple example.  We have a webapp that has some huge jsp pages that
take a good while to compile.  If you navigate to another page before
the previous page finishes its compile sometime the new page will get a
compile error.  When you look at the error it is as if the compiler
merged the two generated classes.  You will see the beginning of one
word from the first jsp page and the end of a word from the second in
the error message (ie if jsp1 had String john = "Hi john"; and jsp2 had
boolean cold = true; then the compile error would refer to Strlean cold
= true; unknown class Strlean) if you look at the .java files for the
jsp pages they are fine and as they should be and a refresh will fix the

Does anyone know where should start to look to see if I can resolve  (or
atleast recreate in a simple example) this problem.



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