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From "Kevin Jones" <>
Subject Manager App
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 12:06:03 GMT
I'm currently using TC 4.1.12. I've been taking advantage of the fact
that I can drop an XML file into the tomcat/webapps directory and have
this recognized as a context. However I've just started using the
manager app. It appears that when I do anything 'serious' with the
manager it includes all the contexts defined inside tomcat/webapps and
merges their details into tomcat/conf/server.xml. This means that if I
change a context in the webapps directory those changes do not get
picked up either by tomcat, or by the manager if I do a stop/start, a
restart or an undeploy/deploy.

I'm assuming this behaviour is a legacy of the fact that adding contexts
to the 'webapps' directory is a fairly recent change to TC. I also
remember seeing some discussion of the behaviour of the manager app here
a little while ago. Are there any plans to change the manager so that
changes to contexts declared in the webapps directory get merged back
into server.xml?


Kevin Jones

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