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From "Jim Cobban" <>
Subject Re: Why can I not use attributes "lang" and "maxRows" in a custom tag
Date Sat, 23 Nov 2002 21:27:14 GMT
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From: "Craig R. McClanahan" <>
Subject: Re: Why can I not use attributes "lang" and "maxRows" in a custom

> Tomcat cares because JSP custom tags are required to implement the
> standard JavaBean naming patterns for property-related methods, as defined
> in the JavaBeans Specification.
> >
> > For me this is now an issue of documentation.  I have searched the JSP
> > spec using every term I can think of and I cannot find where it
> > the characteristics of the set method for an attribute on a custom tag.
> > have therefore been depending upon the description of this capability in
> > Marty Hall's book.  If the JSP specification, and Tomcat, have a
> > reason for looking at the characteristics of the get method when
> > whether or not to use the set method, then that should be documented.
> > Otherwise the behavior is frankly mysterious.
> In the JSP 1.2 spec, section JSP.10.1:
>     "A tag handler has some properties that are exposed to
>     the page as attributes on an action; these properties
>     are managed by the JSP container (via generated code).
>     The setter methods used to set the properties are discovered
>     using the JavaBeans introspector machinery."
> The last sentence refers to the java.beans.Introspector class, which
> refers you to the JavaBeans spec.

Thank you for the pointers.  I appreciate that exploiting the existing
support for Beans is the obvious way for Tomcat to acquire this information
about the class, even if Tomcat never uses the get method.  I merely hope
that the documentation can be improved to be a little less obscure so that
other programmers like myself, who do not have the time to become intimately
familar with all aspects of Java technology, can be brought up to speed with
less wasted effort.

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