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From Pier Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: production quality?
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 22:15:41 GMT
On 30/10/02 20:02, "Martin Algesten" <> wrote:

> In a nutshell mod_proxy updates its cached entries with whatever new
> headers are given to it. E.g. first request comes into mod_proxy and it
> can't find the requested resource in its cache. It forwards on to my
> tomcat who responds with something like:
> HTTP/1.1 200
> Content-Type: image/gif
> Content-Length: 12345
> Second call comes into mod_proxy this time with an "If-Modified-Since"
> for the same resource. mod_proxy needs to revalidate its cached entry
> against tomcat and does an "If-Modifed-Since" against tomcat and tomcat
> answers:
> HTTP/1.1 304
> Content-Type: text/html
> Content-Length: 0
> At this point mod_proxy updates it's cached entry and ends up with a gif
> that has got a Content-Type set to text/html.
> Further requests to mod_proxy without "If-Modified-Since" results in
> GIFs with strange content types. Thank god for IE not trusting the
> content type :)

Nope, that's not it, but it's a good catch. We don't keep proxied content
cached... Thanks a lot for the clarification...

    Pier (gone diggin' mirrors)

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