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From Han Ming Ong <>
Subject Re: Is Compile Failure? was Re: Need some clarifications
Date Thu, 03 Oct 2002 18:46:40 GMT

On Thursday, October 3, 2002, at 09:14  AM, Henri Gomez wrote:

> Steve Downey wrote:
>> Actually, with the recent release of commons-logging, we should be 
>> able to get rid of the explicit LogKit and Log4J. They're there so as 
>> to get a complete build of commons-logging. Tomcat 5 itself doesn't 
>> use either directly.
>> Xerces is a different issue. There was a bug that was preventing 
>> Tomcat from migrating to the latest version. Unfortunately, I no 
>> longer remember the details. Anyone know why we're using 2.1.0 
>> instead of 2.2.0?
> From what I experienced with Xerces j 2.2.0 it seems it does
> much more validity check and for instance found a '--' somewhere
> in comments (1 EUR to the first who find where).

I scanned though quite a lot of xml/dtd/tld in 4.1.12, hoping to get 
that elusive 1 EUR.
Not such luck. The only thing that I can come up with is:

the TLDs are referring an DTD that has been moved by Sun. Here's what 
you get when you go to

"The file named
has been renamed to
in the most current version of the specification.
Please update your application to use the new name."

Thus, if the parser has been set to be validating, it would fail 
(albeit with a different error). Maybe updating the DOCTYPE in the TLDs 
should help?

> Previous version of Xerces or crimson didn't got that problem.
> if we could see which xml/dtd/tld is reported buggy, which
> will able to see if it's a bug or a features (ie a more strict
> check of xml rules)
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