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From Martin Algesten <>
Subject 13040, and ServletContext.getContext()
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 17:59:22 GMT
We've agreed that the spec needs clarifying here. Unfortunatelly we can 
not wait around for that since the current API is completely broken. A 
ServletContext.getContext from the ROOT context currently ALWAYS returns 
the ROOT context, no matter what. It is therefore impossible to 
programatically forward/include anything across the webapps boundaries.

We need to do something:
My proposal is either:
A) Ignore getContext() where the incomming uri is along the lines of 
/store/common/something and what the caller actually wants is "/store". 
(Patch submitted in bug 13040 for that).
B) Remove the optimisation completely.

But I'm open to suggestions and I'm happy to implement another patch if 
anyone feels it needs to be done differently. As long as we don't leave 
the API broken.


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