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From Martin Algesten <>
Subject Re: production quality?
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 16:13:40 GMT
The reports I referred to were just the ones affecting me in my setup, 
and my point was not about their validity, rather just an overall 
feeling from using this particular software.

I have not tested other containers for spec compatibility, I can't claim 
to have even tested this one.

I have a number of smaller websites with various amounts of traffic 
running on Tomcat 3.3.1, and yes the uptime is remarkably good. Software 
is never perfect and any setup will work differently. I don't expect to 
be able to change my 3.3.1 to 4.1.12 and have everything working without 
any effort. Different live scenarios always implies different 
workarounds/tradeoffs. So in that sense you're either using a particular 
subset of functionality that works in your live scenario or you've 
worked around any issues that you encountered.


Glenn Nielsen wrote:

> Martin Algesten wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just some thoughts.
>> I've been using the 3.3.1 release for quite some time in a
>> mod_jk/apache/linux kind of setup and all was fine. Though a couple of
>> weeks ago I felt a need to start looking at new versions of all my
>> API's/products in order to make sure I stay on top of things and don't
>> end up with unsupported versions.
>> What do we mean with production quality?
>> According to the Tomcat project home page, 4.1.12 is a production
>> quality release, however using it in real life makes me question the
>> usefulness of such status. I've been monitoring this list and also tried
>> to contribute by discussing/submitting patches for the bugs I've
>> encountered. I don't have an issue with how long it takes to resolve
>> these issues, after all we are all doing this for fun (more or less ;)
>> ). However I do think we have a responsibility in what signals we're
>> sending regarding how useful a release really is. The current 4.1.12
>> release have some quite nasty issues that in some production setups
>> makes it more or less useless. In my opinion the most nasty issues are
>> those that directly breaks internet standards and the core API (10373,
>> 13846, 13040).
> I quickly reviewed the three bug reports above.  All three seem to be
> related to spec compliance and interpretation of the spec.
> Just curious, have you done the same level of spec compliance testing
> with other conatiners?  How well do they comply?
> For me use Tomcat 4.1 is production quality.  I use it with Apache 
> mod_jk/AJP
> on a medium volume site with 20-30K tomcat requests per day with peaks 
> of over
> 5000 tomcat requests per hour.  And I get uptimes of over four weeks.
> Regards,
> Glenn
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