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From Glenn Nielsen <>
Subject Re: production quality?
Date Wed, 30 Oct 2002 15:39:25 GMT
Martin Algesten wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just some thoughts.
> I've been using the 3.3.1 release for quite some time in a
> mod_jk/apache/linux kind of setup and all was fine. Though a couple of
> weeks ago I felt a need to start looking at new versions of all my
> API's/products in order to make sure I stay on top of things and don't
> end up with unsupported versions.
> What do we mean with production quality?
> According to the Tomcat project home page, 4.1.12 is a production
> quality release, however using it in real life makes me question the
> usefulness of such status. I've been monitoring this list and also tried
> to contribute by discussing/submitting patches for the bugs I've
> encountered. I don't have an issue with how long it takes to resolve
> these issues, after all we are all doing this for fun (more or less ;)
> ). However I do think we have a responsibility in what signals we're
> sending regarding how useful a release really is. The current 4.1.12
> release have some quite nasty issues that in some production setups
> makes it more or less useless. In my opinion the most nasty issues are
> those that directly breaks internet standards and the core API (10373,
> 13846, 13040).

I quickly reviewed the three bug reports above.  All three seem to be
related to spec compliance and interpretation of the spec.

Just curious, have you done the same level of spec compliance testing
with other conatiners?  How well do they comply?

For me use Tomcat 4.1 is production quality.  I use it with Apache mod_jk/AJP
on a medium volume site with 20-30K tomcat requests per day with peaks of over
5000 tomcat requests per hour.  And I get uptimes of over four weeks.



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