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From Carlos de Luna Saenz <>
Subject Re: Sorry to disturb
Date Sat, 12 Oct 2002 14:05:26 GMT
Yhamks... i will convert the .bat files to .cmd (REXX)
files in order to be added to the repository. 

 Bill Barker wrote:
For Tomcat 4.x, you need a compiler/JDK that
implements 1.2 or higher. ForTomcat 5 you (currently)
need 1.3 or higher. For Tomcat 3.3, you need 1.1.8or
higher (although at the moment it seems to work Ok on
1.1.6, at least forme). The write-once-run-anywhere
nature of Java probably means that it itmay just up
and compile and run (what I would expect).If you are
interested in getting involved with the Connectors,
I'm sure thatthe j-t-c developers would welcome help
in supporting Warp on the nativeside of the
connectors.----- Original Message -----From: "Carlos
de Luna Saenz" To: Sent: Friday, October 11, 2002 1:22
PMSubject: Sorry to disturb>> Before start... i want
to contribuite with the port of Tomcat to the Warp(eCS
OS/2 )version of Tomcat... i want to know if any of
you know if there'sthis job anywere and if there's
something i should know first... since ihaven't seen a
different code for Win32 or UNIX i assume the code
isportable to any platform... but i want to know what
kind of things i shoulduse (compiler, JDK, etc)...
thanks in advance.>> Carlos de Luna Saenz>>>>
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