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From Steve Downey <>
Subject Re: Need some clarifications
Date Wed, 02 Oct 2002 18:18:01 GMT

On Wednesday 02 October 2002 09:38 am, Christian Gross wrote:
> Hi
> So I worked myself through the various CVS sources and have a couple of
> "official" position questions to ask.
> The CVS projects jakarta-tomcat-catalina and jakarta-tomcat-jasper, will be
> forming the Tomcat 5 work?

jakarta-servletapi-5, jakarta-tomcat-5, jakarta-tomcat-catalina, 
jakarta-tomcat-connectors, jakarta-tomcat-jasper, and jakarta-watchdog-4.0 
are the CVS repositories involved in Tomcat 5.0

> The CVS project jakarta-tomcat-4.0 is the 4.x branch?

> The CVS project jakarta-tomcat is anything before 4.0
Tomcat 3.x, at least. 

> The CVS project jakarta-tomcat-5.0 does nothing??????
It's the master project for the whole Tomcat 5.0 project. To use it, start 
with a directory like tc5-workspace. In that directory:
cvs co jakarta-servletapi-5 
cvs co jakarta-tomcat-5 
cvs co jakarta-tomcat-catalina 
cvs co jakarta-tomcat-connectors 
cvs co jakarta-tomcat-jasper

then, in jakarta-tomcat-5 create a file with the following 
base.path = /home/sdowney/tc5-workspace/depends
(replace /home/sdowney/tc5-workspace with path to your workspace. I don't know 
if relative will work. I stopped dinking when I got my build system to 

You need ant 1.5 to build Tomcat 5

export ANT_HOME=/home/sdowney/tools/jakarta-ant-1.5


ant download

The download target in Tomcat 5 gets the necessary ancillary libraries to 
build the system. I'm using JDK 1.4, which has a few things built in. You may 
need to install some things in JDK 1.3, like JCE. I'm not sure.


ant build
ant test
[Not many tests at the moment]
If you're contributing, you may also want to do

ant -Dfull.dist=on build

That will force a full compile, rather than checking which optional components 
are available and setting things on or off based on the presense or absense 
of classes. That useful for building a customized version, but for testing 
purposes, a full build is better.

To run the watchdog conformance test suite:

ant watchdog

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