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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject [VOTE] JK2 2.1
Date Tue, 01 Oct 2002 07:16:22 GMT

Since there has been general concensus that we should use the APR for
every supported API call.
Here is my design proposal.

[x] Drop HAS_APR flags and dissalow building of JK2 without APR
[ ] Keep everything like it is (the rest doesn't interests me)

Regular expressions:
[ ] Add pcre from httpd-2.0 to the common/pcre
[x] Add pcre from httpd-2.0 to the srclib/pcre 
[ ] Wait if pcre ever comes to the apr-util

[ ] Use the real apr_pool_t.
[x] Keep the jk_pool_apr wrapper renaming it to the jk_pool

[x] Use only apr_socket and drop the socket, renaming apr to socket.
[ ] Keep supporting socket.

File I/O:
[x] Use the APR for file i/o replacing stdio/stdlib calls
[ ] Keep the old fopen/fwrite/etc... code

Static buildings:
[x] Enable Static/Dynamic APR builds of JK2 for non-Apache2 connectors
[ ] Enable only dynamic builds


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