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From "Mladen Turk" <>
Subject [JK2] Use lock file forJNI startup status WAS: [JK2] RedHat 8.0 JNI totaly bogus
Date Thu, 24 Oct 2002 12:47:18 GMT

I've made the abort and exit hook for JVM adding two aditional option
parameters at the end of config ones.
If the JVM isn't set properly (wrong LD_LIBRARY_PATH, PATH pointing to
the java outside the jre, etc...) the CreateJavaVM calls the abort hook.
I was assuming that this hook will act instead the real abort function,
but seems that it is only atexit call, cause the real abort function is
called after the abort hook.

So the only way is IMO to use the some sort of a lock file that will be
created when the abort hook is called from JVM initialization, thus
preventing further CreateJavaVM invocations.

Perhaps we can use the shm for that from parent process, but the env is
created on child_init.



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